There are a number of hands-on opportunities for you to get involved with supporting refugees in Japan.

 Japan Association for Refugees

JAR are always looking for volunteers and interns to provide various forms of support to refugees/asylum seekers including:

  • interpreting and translation
  • practical/social support for refugees
  • gathering information on refugee issues
  • editing and mailing of newsletters, creating and updating Web-Page, etc.
  • assisting with reconstruction efforts in tsunami affected areas

They have opportunities for English-only and Japanese speakers.


Ushiku Visitation Association

  • Visits detainees at Ushiku Immigration Centre
  • Holds meetings once a month to discuss issues related to conditions in Ushiku Immigration Centre and refugees and asylum seekers in Japan
  • Advocacy activities

Anyone is welcome to participate through attending meetings or joining Ushiku Immigration Centre visits. They are also looking for volunteers to work as interpreters, especially for people from Iran, Turkey and Burma.

Website in Japanese, but those interested can contact Kimiko Tanaka on: 029-847-5338 / ki_ushikunokai@yahoo.co.jp

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